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National Award Winner

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Award Winning School

With over years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best education.

Award Winning School

With over years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best education.

Welcome To SmartKids Achabal Educational Institute

Chairman's Desk

Dear Associates,
Smart kids Digital Play School Philosophy is encapsulated in our mantra “Learn Smart, Grow Smart”. We are passionate about Childcare and Education and Desire that all children should have the option of attending High Quality Childcare close to their home. To assist us in achieving this objective Smart kids Digital Play School located in area near you will provide Personalized Education and care to your Child based on the Advanced and Proven Techniques available with Trained, Passionate Staff and Faculties.
Mr Shakir Rasool

Our Mission

Smart kids Endeavor to promote the pursuit of excellence and achievement for every student to enable him/her to optimize his/her potential. Our goal is to create and maintain an Ethos that encourage High Academic Standard, Self reliance, Co-operation, Enthusiasm and Initiative. A close relationship and partnership with Parents is vital to the process of Education. We very much look forward to work in partnership with you and your child during the span of their years in school.

Principal's Desk

We felt that it is in the early years of development that children are forming who they are as a person.
This led to creation of a program based on the principles of Respect, Responsibility and Community
through exploration and discovery in a Supportive and enriching environment.
Our curriculum, together with teaching and learning practice, focuses on the individual student. The
educational strategies are based on a range of theories that have shown to have great results for
children’s learning .

Main Road Achabal Anantnag,


M-S: 9AM – 3:30PM
Sundays: Closed



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Our school enjoys a rich and thriving best students experience.

" The Education of Tomorrow, Rooted in Tradition Invite You "

Our purpose is to provide a safe, happy environment for your child, where they are able to be themselves and thrive; while acquiring the educational foundation needed to achieve

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    A group of young energetic professional educationists, established Smartkids Digital Play School (SKDPS) way back in 2018.